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Increasing Productivity in the metalworking Industry with IoT Technologies

Norican Group – Industry 4. 0 ready

All new Norican machines are now leaving the factory Industry-4.0-ready, ready to generate the right data in the right way. Watch out for the "Industry 4.0 ready" label on your control cabinet and you can be sure that your machines are equipped with the powerful NoriGate to deliver insightful data. Existing machines can be upgraded to deliver better quality of data.

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Monitizer – what Industry 4.0 can do for you

Monitizer provides you with a powerful but easy to use tool to take your first own Industry 4.0 experiences. Create your own dashboards to supervise, monitor and compare your data from anywhere at any time to unlock new levels of productivity.

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Welcome to Norican Digital

As a design-driven, tech-minded and entrepreneurial part of Norican Group, we provide digital solutions within the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for the formation and enhancement of metallic parts.

Our knowledge and experience in metalworking industries make us your preferred supplier of technology to streamline processes and increase your productivity.



We partner, build and invest to develop the best solutions and products in the IIoT space, everything we do is focused on one goal: Improving your profitability.  

We want to work with foundries who want to be part of the digital revolution, who are ready to design and test digital products.  By connecting your equipment and setting up a standardized IoT infrastructure to securely collect, store and optimise your data, processes and productivity to give you a better return on investment.

Industry 4.0 - It's All About Your Productivity

Have a future where processes are constantly optimising themselves, with access to your production data, at any time, anywhere.

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Our Solutions Provide You With The Power To Unlock Profitability:

Full Transparency

Full transparency of digital 

The Industrial Internet of Things powers solutions so that you can visualise and document your performance data and provide notifications / alarms when triggered.

Data is captured in real time from the production line and is available on customised dashboards, on any device, wherever you are, 24 hours a day.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity 

Connect existing PLCs and sensors in your production line to our industry 4.0 solutions so you can use the information for optimising processes, predicting maintenance and planning production; according to McKinsey Studies this will provide you with a two-digit increase in productivity.

You choose from a set of applications and together we will tailor them exactly to your needs for a customised solution.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Mainteance 

Predictive maintenance instead of preventive maintenance becomes a reality through constant data collection and analysis in combination with machine learning algorithms.

The full lifetime of wear parts can be utilised to reduce costs and maintenance, and unexpected downtime interruptions will be minimised.


Real-Time Analysis

Real Time Analysis   

Detect anomalies in production by combining constant data collection with machine learning algorithms.

Tapping into the intelligence of big data creates a competitive advantage for your business. Self-learning algorithms identify efficiency potentials, cost-saving possibilities and enable the optimisation of production performance.

The Power of Digital

We believe that the best is yet to be built. Living in the age of digital transformation we have the ability to drive the digitalisation of the factory floor.
Digital products will turn production processes upside down and will significantly enhance the productivity and efficiency of our customers’ production processes.

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Imagine a future where processes are constantly optimizing themselves and you have access to your production data at any time from any place.  Together, we will develop a digital product to make your processes more efficient.

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Monitizer - Turn your Data into Value

Monitizer provides a flexible, scalable and central platform to access your foundry data, unlocking new possibilities and insight from historical and real-time data.